Retaining great talent in the region and sector as an Employer

Large employers across the region can experience 10-15+ applicants per available apprenticeship position annually. With this high number of applicants to positions, inevitably highly talented applicants are unsuccessful in securing a place by the smallest of margins. This is a disappointment for the individuals that might move onto other sectors or look outside the region for an apprenticeship opportunity. Across the region, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs), in many cases integral to the supply chain of the larger organisations, can struggle to access this talent pool.


The overarching aim of this approach is to refer unsuccessful apprenticeship candidates to a single point of contact within the region, from where their information can be shared with employers seeking to fill relevant vacant apprenticeship positions. Specific objectives are:
– Retain high calibre applicants that are unsuccessful in securing apprenticeship placements due to high levels of competition for available spaces.
– Decrease the number of available apprenticeship positions that are not filled within the region.

Solent MEZ Clearing


The intended solution is designed from the outset to place minimal administrative overhead on organisations taking part, either passing on information of high calibre candidates that were unsuccessful securing an apprenticeship placement with your organisation, or passing on details of the available vacancies to the Solent Apprenticeship & Skills Hub.

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