Apprenticeships can support your business during COVID-19

We are all living in completely unprecedented times currently, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a huge air of uncertainty for first and foremost the health of our nation, but also businesses and the economy. If you are a business and are struggling throughout this time where you are unable to run how you normally would as a result of the lockdown measures in place, it may be the LAST thing that you are looking for is to recruit or upskill. However we hope to show you why apprenticeships could be a massive benefit to you and your company during this difficult time. 

If you are unfamiliar with the wide range of apprenticeship programmes available in the UK currently – then head over to the Institute for Apprenticeships exhaustive list of available standards to see if there are any that would be the perfect fit for your business. However, one great example of an apprenticeship sector that could be beneficial to you are Digital Apprenticeships. As so many of us are currently confined to remote home-working, we are having to lean heavily on technology and social media to run and promote business. A digital apprentice can be hugely beneficial in helping this type of working run smoothly, with understanding of the best software/programmes/hardware to use to work efficiently when not in the normal business premises. In addition to this there may be marketing activities that you normally rely on to help promote your business such as print, which is just not taking place at the moment. A digital marketing apprentice for example could increase your brands promotion online dramatically, with skills in website updating and maintenance, high competency in Social Media marketing and more could really give your business a boost during this testing time.

As the Solent Apprenticeship Hub have been still in regular contact with a number of larger employers in the region, we know that many are still keen to use the Levy Transfer scheme to help out smaller businesses in the region. By applying for funding through the apprenticeship levy transfer scheme, a larger business can transfer the funding to be used solely for apprenticeships for you to use for apprenticeship training – meaning that you could integrate apprenticeship training into your business for free! You would still have to pay the employee a wage, but the cost of training to you is zero! Right now is a better time than ever to utilise large businesses unused levy funds to benefit your company. If you would like to know more about levy transfer and the application process, then please email us at:

Whilst the option to upskill a member of your current workforce is very valid and could be your best move, if you are looking for somebody to come in with the sole purpose of filling a gap in your skills, now is a fantastic time to do this. The reason for this is that there is an abundance of young people looking for career opportunities, with very few businesses currently hiring. What this means for you is that there is a larger than usual number of high quality candidates out there who are motivated to work and just the need the chance to do so. The recruitment pool is larger than ever and this could be the perfect opportunity for you to add a highly skilled individual to your workforce. If you would like to receive free, impartial advice catered to your business – then contact the Solent Apprenticeship Hub now and we can give you a one-to-one meeting over the phone now. Email us at: , use the contact us form on our website: , or reach out to us on Social Media: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.