Changes to non-levy payers apprenticeship funding

If you are a non-levy paying employer, you may not be aware, but changes have been made to the way that you fund apprenticeship training for your staff. The Solent Apprenticeship Hub is a free and impartial resource that can help with the process.

Soon, the days of government-procured contracts for apprenticeship training will be gone. Instead, in its place, will be a system in which employers will select an apprenticeship standard, choose their training provider and secure access to funding for all new apprenticeships through the digital apprenticeship service. The idea behind this change in apprenticeship funding, is handing back more control to the smaller employers over their apprenticeship choices.

With these changes in 2020, employers who do not pay into the apprenticeship levy will be able to create a digital apprenticeship service account and be able to start arranging apprenticeships for themselves. Non-levy payers will now be able to:

  • Choose from a range of apprenticeship standards;
  • Choose a provider from the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP) to deliver apprenticeship training;
  • Find an End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO);
  • Reserve access to funding for apprenticeship training and assessment;
  • Agree contracts with providers; and
  • Benefit from collaborative relationships by delegating permissions to providers to service their accounts.


There will be a transition period, up until the autumn of 2020, where apprenticeships can be accessed either through existing government contracts OR by the new system with the apprenticeships service. Beyond autumn, the new system will be the only way to access apprenticeship training for non-levy paying employers.


Under this new system, employers who do not pay into the apprenticeship levy but wish to implement apprenticeship training, must reserve funds for their prospective apprentices. Initially during this transition period employers may make reservation for fund for three apprentices.


The Solent Apprenticeship Hub will be happy to aid any employers in understanding how the new system will work, or will answer any questions at or on our contact us page.

For a more detailed document, please see the governments document on the new system of payment for non-levy paying employers.