Corona Virus Home Working – Tips and Tricks for Apprentice’s

The current Corona Virus pandemic is a completely unprecedented event unlike any in living memory. The situation which we as a nation and across the globe find ourselves is one causing confusion, frustration and fear of the unknown… If you are an apprentice or any other worker and find yourself working from home, or in a break from learning we have some tips and tricks to keep your brain happy and healthy during this unusual time!

So perhaps you, like the Solent Apprenticeship Hub team and are still able to work from home – Here are some of our best pieces of advice for making this work for you during this period:

Try to form a routine

Particularly if you are still working from home it is important to stick to a routine, don’t let your sleeping pattern get ruined and then just sit in your pyjamas until 2pm! Try to get up at a similar time as you would if you were going to your place of work, get dressed as if you were going somewhere, and find a suitable place to set up your office – This could be the kitchen table, a desk in your room, a garden table – Wherever you like. But I would recommend not your bed as this is a recipe for getting distracted by Netflix and sitting with poor posture!

Check in with your team and co-workers regularly

The Solent Apprenticeship Hub team have a daily slot around 10 or 11am where we do a facetime group call to catch up on anything work related as well as checking how we are all holding up. Being isolated away from friends and even family can be quite distressing for many of us, so it is important to regularly check in with one another to look after your mental health and keep morale high.

Set goals for the day

Another important thing to do during this difficult time is to set goals – write them down, add time frames to them and tick them off upon completion. It is important to hold yourself accountable over this period so that you don’t lose track of where you are in your work as well as in other aspects of your life. If you are following our first tip, it might be a good idea with each group call to let everyone know one important thing that you managed to tick off your list from the previous day!

Keep active

Keeping your body moving, getting plenty of vitamin D whilst the sun is shining (In the garden – you shouldn’t be going out unnecessarily at the moment!) is absolutely VITAL to your levels of happiness and also productivity! Take regular breaks to get exercise in and make sure it’s part of your daily routine. There are literally millions of follow along workouts on YouTube for any kind of exercise that you enjoy from Yoga to circuit training to boxing! There is no excuse, and the natural endorphins you get from getting the blood flowing will make you feel a whole lot better.

Take up a new or old hobby

Perhaps you used to love drawing or playing an instrument? Now is the time to pick back up something that you used to enjoy or finding something new to enjoy whilst we are all at home. For example, I hadn’t read a book cover to cover in about four years, so this seemed like a good time to get myself back into the habit!

Some good old fashioned relaxing!

Definitely take some time each day to switch off, relax and just forget about all that’s going on in the outside world. Why not whack on a nice boxset, movie or some YouTube to wind down at the end of a day? I asked each of the team to recommend at least one series for you to check out – Jodi – The Good Place, Leon – Prison Break andPower, Sara – Dawson’s Creek, Tom – Breaking Bad or The Stranger, Jamie – Brooklyn 99 or The Office (controversially the US version???). Just make sure this is all balanced with other things and doesn’t consume your entire days and weeks!

Stay Positive

Finally, one of the most important things you can do for yourself and all of those around you is to remain as positive as you can. It may seem difficult at times, but remember that you should only stay concerned with those things that are under your control (i.e Your work, your sleeping pattern, your fitness etc.). There is no use worrying about the things that are out of your control (i.e. How long this situation will last, what will happen to the economy etc.). Keeping a positive mind-set during this time will come from following our other steps – believe me it really works!

Don’t forget that if you have any questions worries or queries about apprenticeships, we are happy to answer anything that we can at this stage! Just email us at or head over to our Social Media – We are on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Whilst you are here, check out some of our other blogs such as the newest case study with Aspex Gallery or red about Stereotypes within Apprenticeships.