Heaven at number 7 Case Study

Two years after its launch, Transfer to Transform has played a pivotal role in helping small businesses across the Hampshire and Surrey regions to fund apprenticeship and skills training to new and current staff. A recent example of this comes from Heaven at number 7, A group of Salons based in Surrey.

Transfer to Transform & Heaven at number 7 logos

After hearing about the Apprenticeship Hub from their training provider, one of the Hub’s advisors, Carol, was able to help Heaven at number 7 receive funding for an apprentice through our Transfer to Transform initiative “without which we may not have been able to take someone on. Carol was incredibly helpful and so fast at getting everything sorted, and we have a happy Apprentice in a grateful team”.

“Having an apprentice demonstrates to staff, team and customers, our commitment to growing and developing the talent of the future. The managers in my team get real experience in training and growing an individual – it is rewarding, important work that also adds another skill to their career goals. The whole team benefits from having another person in the salon who can help with all aspects of running the salon in a clean, tidy and efficient way, e.g. help with answering phones and cleaning as well as learning and providing treatments. This is all part of learning, and the experience you don’t get without an apprenticeship.

When speaking to their apprentice, Leia aged 23 said “Choosing to go down the apprenticeship route is the best decision I have made… The thing that I think really stands out at helping my personal development and career is that I am in my salon 4-5 days a week. I get to learn the curriculum at Omni but then put it into practice in real life situations and real clients. It’s hands-on experience which just helps me re-affirm what I have learnt and how to adapt treatments for clients’ needs. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect!”

Leia (23) Level 3 Beauty Apprentice.
Leia (23) Level 3 Beauty Apprentice.



If you are interested in taking part in Transfer to Transform either from a pledging or receiving perspective, you can find out more information on our Transfer to Transform page or speak directly to one of our apprenticeship advisers by emailing: hello@solentapprenticeshiphub.com. You can also reach us via our social media pages, where we regularly share updates on Transfer to Transform and our other services.