How to Choose a Training Provider

With the rise in popularity of online training and virtual learning over the last few years, the ability for training providers to operate nationally has become common place meaning you no longer just have to pick from the limited number of training providers in your area. However, with this ability comes a much larger decision for you as an employer to choose the right training provider. So here are just some of the things you should be considering when looking at how to choose a training provider.


  1. Do they offer the right Apprenticeship training for you?

Taking on an apprentice can be a big decision and therefore making sure a training provider offers the right course for what your organisation needs can be key to an apprentice’s success. Depending on what role the apprentice is going to be taking on, make sure that the apprenticeship training the provider is offering will be relevant to what your apprentice will be doing within your organisation and isn’t just the easiest course for them to do.


  1. Do they understand your organisation’s culture?

Although national training providers will have experience working with a wide range of employers, local providers will likely understand your needs better due to operating within your region as well as being able to apply the techniques and training tools to allow your apprentice to be successful in their role. It is important to check whether a training provider has worked with companies in your industry before. This will give you an idea as to whether they will be able to understand your organisation’s culture and be able to offer suitable training which suits what you as an employer need for an apprentice to find success within your organisation.


  1. What are other employers and apprentices saying about them?

A good training provider will often come with great testimonials from employers and apprentices that they have previously worked with. By looking at what other employers and apprentices whose organisation is in a similar or the same industry as you can help you to decide whether what a training provider is offering will help your apprentice to succeed.


  1. Do they customise their content?

Is the training provider able to tailor their apprenticeship training so that it offers your apprentice the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviour for them to be a great employee within your organisation? But also consider if the training provider will customise their learning and delivery methods to take advantage of the skills that the apprentice may already have and to develop those further throughout their apprenticeship as well as being able to offer training that will work around your day-to-day operations allowing for your apprentice to study and work without difficulty.


  1. How well do they measure progress?

Being able to look at your apprentice’s learning progression is key for both you as an employer and for your apprentice. It allows you to see what the apprentice is learning and what they might need a bit more support with, whether that comes from further help from the training provider or from you during the on-the-job training. Being able to see an apprentice’s progress will allow you to work with a training provider to adjust their training to help your apprentice be successful in achieving their qualification at the end of their apprenticeship.