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Since its launch in March, thousands of businesses across the nation have been keen to take advantage of the governments Kickstart Scheme. But how do we prepare for what’s beyond the 6 months of paid work for these Kickstarters? Is there a way to plan for it? At the Apprenticeship Hub we have been working on our solution: Kickstart Aftercare.

The Kickstart Aftercare offer was created as we started to see an increase in the number of Kickstart employers we had worked with, wanting to set out a clearer set of next steps beyond the six months of the Kickstart programme. Some of these organisations were already keen to look into enrolling their Kickstarter on to an apprenticeship afterwards, whilst others liked the steppingstone option of traineeships for Kickstarters that were just lacking a few workplace skills or qualifications. Then there are also a number of employers that have, despite seeing the benefits of the skills programmes, no need to continue the employment beyond the six-months mark, but would like to support their Kickstarter in moving on to another employer afterwards to continue their career progression. 

Kickstart Aftercare


So what can the Apprenticeship Hub offer in terms of support beyond the Kickstart scheme? 

Well if you are interested in progressing your Kickstarter on to a skills programme such as an apprenticeship or traineeship, the Kickstart Aftercare offer can support you in this. Our team will work with you to conduct an organisational impact review. As part of this we will identify which aspects of having the Kickstarter on board with you are the most useful and are there any particular skills that you think the individual could learn in order to make them more confident and proficient in this role? 

This is where we will then have our next-steps employer discussion. Following on from our initial discussion and identifying any skills gaps, we can then decide on the most relevant skills training programme for the individual and discuss the funding options and incentives available to you to make this progression as cost-efficient as possible (potentially even free!). 

Then finally we will have ongoing one-to-one skills progression discussions with your Kickstarter. This could be to discuss either what qualifications and commitments are necessary to progress onto another skills programme with you or supporting the individual with finding a new employer to begin a skills training programme with them if this is something that they would like to do.

How can I get support from the Kickstart Aftercare offer?

Kickstart Aftercare is an offer open to all employers of any size or sector who have taken on even just one Kickstarter and are located within the Solent or North Hampshire & Surrey regions that the Apprenticeship Hub covers. All you have to do is email us at: or speak to us on the live chat function on our website: or reach out to us through any of our social media.