What is LoCASE?

The Apprenticeship & Skills Partnership are the first point of contact in supporting Hampshire businesses through the Low Carbon Across the South and East (LoCASE). LoCASE Provides free business support programmes in the South and East. The aim is to aid your business to become more competitive and profitable, whilst also promoting environmentally friendly and low carbon solutions.

To do this, LoCASE provides grants for businesses of up to £10,000 as well as training workshops and fully funded events. Targeted business support is on offer for companies who offer “green” or low carbon goods and services. This work will offer focused, individual support to SMEs (including social enterprises) improving competitiveness and creating jobs through increased energy efficiency and new low carbon business across the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) areas of South East (SELEP), Solent, Coast 2 Capital and Enterprise M3.

What can LoCASE do for you?

LoCASE provides grants for businesses of up to £10,000, as well as free learning programmes and other fully funded events

Grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 are available to be spent on eligible costs such as: energy efficient heating and lighting; insulation and glazing; investment in renewables; and equipment upgrades to more energy efficient models.

For businesses offering low carbon/environmental goods and services, LoCASE offers help with development costs such as: marketing and website development; re-tooling and installation of new or replacement machinery and hardware; materials for Research & Development; and consultancy costs.

This business opportunity is available now and until June 2023.


How to get involved…

The Apprenticeship & Skills Partnership can walk you through the process from start to finish. We support businesses with identifying whether you are eligible, the amount of funding available to you and how that funding can be spent. We will then be able to support you with the full process of the application process. Complete the contact form at the bottom of this page or use the live chat function to express your interest in LoCASE.

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