The most prestigious, popular and niche apprenticeships revealed!

Apprenticeships come in all shapes and sizes, from trades to business, from hospitality to technological, there really is something for everyone! But what are the figures? We regularly get asked by prospective apprentices: ‘What’s the best paid apprenticeship?’, ‘What’s the hardest apprenticeship?’ or ‘What’s the most obscure apprenticeship?’ – So we thought it best to gratify these questions with a blog in response!

Most popular apprenticeships

So let’s start with the most popular apprenticeships shall we? According to data analysed by FE Week, the Health and Social care sector has the largest uptake of any industry, making up 27% of starts and 43% of starts in higher apprenticeships in years 2016/17. It is clear shown by the data that ‘traditional’ gender roles are still rife in the world of apprenticeships with 85% of starts in the Health and Social care sector female, and 88% of starts in construction male – Read our other blog on Stereotypes within apprenticeships for more on this topic.

Most prestigious apprenticeships

We’d better start by defining what we mean by prestigious, in this instance referring to how well paid and how exclusive and tricky it can be to be accepted for this apprenticeship placement. So according to Best Apprenticeships the best paid placement is with Santander in the corporate banking sector Level 6, where the starting wage is £23k! This is a fantastic wage for an apprentice to earn whilst also earning a degree and would definitely make some uni students wonder how they could be paying more than this for three years of education… The thing to remember when considering how much you will be paid as an apprentice, is that it is not dependent on the course or the sector you choose, but the company that you work for will choose the rate of pay.

Most unconventional apprenticeships

A lot of people when dismissing apprenticeships, will state that there just simply isn’t the right apprenticeship out there for their career path they have chosen. However, there is a vast number of extremely niche apprenticeships out there, and most likely something directly for or at least related to your dream sector. Some of the more niche apprenticeships include: Sail making (exactly how it sounds, you’ll be making sails!), Puppet-making (Again, named appropriately, as you will be learning to make puppets), Fish Husbandry (No actually, nothing to do with marrying a fish. But all other fish and angling related activity, such as fish breeding, management and production.) So as you can see, there is a lot of options if your dream career is a niche one, it is well worth a look! Many apprenticeships are currently still in development and being readied for delivery in the coming years, check them out on the Institute for Apprenticeships and for more examples of out-of-the-box apprenticeships, have a read here on Go Think Big .

Where could an apprenticeship take you?

So what are you waiting for? There are literally hundreds of different apprenticeship opportunities across the UK that are already being delivered or are in the process of development. Check out our blog on the stigmas often attached to apprenticeships or if you want EVEN MORE reasons to do an apprenticeship – read our blog about their many benefits. If you want to chat about where an apprenticeship could take you and the different opportunities available in the area, chat to us via our Social Media: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Or email us directly: