What is Transfer to Transform?

Supporting SMEs in the Solent Region with Skills Training

All businesses across the Solent have been effected by COVID-19, with SMEs among the worst hit by the pandemic. SMEs are a vital part of Solent’s business ecosystem, so ensuring they can access the skills and training they need to support their recovery is vital. By pledging unspent apprenticeship levy funds to Transfer to Transform, large businesses can cover the costs of apprenticeship training for SMEs, enabling them to take on and train new staff or upskill existing members of their team for the challenges we all face ahead.

Transfer to Transform provides the chance for Solent businesses to help support each other through this crisis as our economy recovers. With all businesses keeping a careful watch on their bottom line, the campaign is not asking for cash or charity, but rather for businesses to pledge some of their unspent apprenticeship levy funding to support SMEs in the region.

This is also an opportunity for large businesses to support the creation of apprenticeship opportunities for local people, to demonstrate corporate social responsibility, and to reduce wastage of their unspent apprenticeship levy. Use our Levy Tracker spreadsheet on our resources page to see how far your unspent levy can go to supporting a small employer.


As an SME, what is in it for me?

We understand that some of the most heavily effected business across the country has been small to medium sized enterprise. Apprenticeship training for members of your team could be the way to improve staff motivation or just increase the overall skillsets within your workforce. Transfer to Transform is providing the opportunity for you to receive the funding to upskill your staff with apprenticeships at no cost to you. Fill out the contact form below this and select ‘SME seeking apprenticeship funding’ to check your eligibility and apply.

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