Why Apprenticeships Matter

At the Solent Apprenticeship Hub, we are extremely vocal in our passion for apprenticeships and why apprenticeships matter. People may ask why our team take such pride in our mission of expanding the number of individuals in apprenticeship roles. Our answer is simple, we want the next generation of young people coming up through school to have the benefits of a wider range of socially accepted, post-school options that are tried and tested, than the generations before them.

We talk time and time again about the fact that apprenticeships are under-represented and often unfairly stigmatised, and we want to change that permanently. The way in which a person learns is completely subjective. As hard as you may try to drill a set of facts and figures into somebody’s head, if they are not engaged and they struggle to commit to memory something that they are just reading off a board or having dictated to them, they may never grasp the concept at hand. Take this same person and SHOW them, or better yet have them show you this same concept, and this could stick with them for life.

Further Education for All

That is where apprenticeships come in and why apprenticeships matter. Young people who have not thrived in a classroom environment, but show real promise in terms of their ethic of hard work and their ability to understand what they are being shown, should be given the opportunity to apply it in a real life situation. These young people deserve to have options after leaving school, with many seeing university as unobtainable so simply resorting to going straight into work without furthering their education.

We would prefer to see more young people coming to the end of their time at school with the assumption that they will further their education, not worrying that they might not have the ability to fund their university course, or be unable to complete the study due to struggling with the learning environment.


I know from experience that there is no use in trying to enforce a different learning style upon an individual, as this can only work for so long. As mentioned in our previous blog about why you should be considering an apprenticeship – having attended university myself, I realized that although I was not struggling with the work by any means, I was not engaging and therefore not working with the level of diligence that I know I am capable of. ‘So what?’ Some of my friends would ask when I tell them this. To me, putting in the hard work at a real job whilst gaining the qualification is very important. Learning a strong work ethic in a real workplace, where there are people genuinely counting on you to have a piece of work ready, in order for a project to be complete, or an order to be sent out etc., gives you a strong sense of responsibility that you just will not get from doing a degree at University or other forms of further education. Sure, you are set a lot of work at University, and your lecturer will expect it in from you. But there is not the same level of accountability from others as there is in the workplace. Your lecturer doesn’t particularly care if you aren’t handing your work in, it does not directly affect them, and they will just fail you. An apprenticeship however, gives you the chance to be a working cog within an organisation, where what you do matters. For many young people, having this sense of responsibility paired alongside learning new applicable skills, is the perfect combination in order to thrive.

Why Apprenticeships Matter to Business

Even if you are reading this from the perspective of a CEO or a business owner you may be asking why apprenticeships matter to you. Apprenticeships open up the gates to a whole range of skilled workers that have work place experience and the skills needed to grow a business and the industry as a whole. Instead of more and more young people who are blindly following the University route or simply going straight into unskilled work, purely because of a lack of options, apprenticeships can ensure there are greater numbers of skilled workers available to employers.

We hope to have given you an insight into the real and substantial benefits that apprenticeships can bring to both our young people and to industry also. If you would like to know more about where an apprenticeship could take you, then contact us via our contact page on the website: www.solentapprenticeshiphub.com | or email us: apprenticeshiphub@southampton.gov.uk | chat to us on Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) | Or view our Ask the Adviser videos on our YouTube channel to see answers to the webs most searched apprenticeship questions.